Do Not Be

This particular post came about as a response to a post from a blogger I follow. Basically he pointed out the dichotomy that when a male has needs and is open about them and goes after them he's often viewed positively as someone who is pursuing what matters to him, not compromising on what he … Continue reading Do Not Be

Submission Workbook: Body Image

Workbook posts are prompted writings.  Today's post inspired by the Yes, No, Maybe Workbook.  Prompts will not be provided so as to avoid possible copyright infringement. Prompts will be explored as fully as possible and titles will be relative to the overall content of the prompt and resulting post.  These posts are meant to be … Continue reading Submission Workbook: Body Image


I spoke in my last entry about having things going on that have been distracting me from writing as much. Stressful things. One of those stresses has been the declining health of one of our dogs. We were told last March that he was in early stage kidney failure after a kidney infection sent us … Continue reading Loss

In the quiet

I haven't been writing much. Not because I have nothing to say. No, far from it. I've got lists of things I want to write about, several unpublished started posts that just aren't ready to be shared yet. I haven't been writing much because my mind has been all over the place. I'm stressed from … Continue reading In the quiet

Taking the pause

In my very cluttered brain, sometimes the to-do lists and the anxieties and the perfectionism become so overwhelming that I can't function. But sometimes it also means I can write really well, really in depth, really fast. Other times it means I'm spouting gibberish. I have to force myself to take pauses sometimes to gather … Continue reading Taking the pause